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PUNishing "White Boy Shuffle" is an excellent book. The book had myself wanting to read more and more and wishing it would not end. The humor that surrounds every situation is witty and piercing. The main aspect that I believe every reader has paid attention to is the vocabulary. Paul Beatty?s vocabulary is extremely extensive, metaphorical and factual. The way to get anyone?s attention is to dazzle and douse him or her with a tidal wave of higher educated words. Paul Beatty is just not throwing out words though. He uses his humor in every way possible to emphasize what he is talking about. It is obvious that people will be more open-minded about your opinions if you can make them feel good and laugh about them. Beatty uses the power of verboseness linked with vividly detailed circumstances.

I think that satire is an art form. To be able to associate and make synonymous comparisons is a gift.

Those who can make satire are able to open many eyes and many mouths. Clever banter and humor and irony are the main ingredients to a perfect satirical soup. Beatty uses all types of political, social, sexual, aggressive satires. I am going to point out some of his satirical words with what I think he is trying to convey. Beatty primarily broadcasts his message in the Las Angeles setting. The way he talks about landmarks and the politics in this area might mystify readers who have never been there.

On pages 50-60, Gunnar is observing the racial make-up of his Manischewitz Junior High. Beatty is saying that the inner-city schools are very different now. The schools used to be predominantly white, but now they are inhabited by blacks, Latinos, and Asians. This is a disheartening realization that Beatty is...