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Many people believe their homes are safe and secure, unless it is broken into by a burglar then that sense of security is shattered. Two-out-of-three burglaries in 1998 were to residential homes, according to the US Department of Justice. According to the FBI, the average loss for a residential burglary in 1998 was $1,299. By following A few home safety steps, you can increase the security of your home, protecting your family and valuables.

Begin by protecting the outside of your home and yard, since it is where the burglar starts. Remove any trees or trellises that would give a burglar access to a second story window. Keep all bushes and shrubs close to your house trimmed, to eliminate cover for burglars. Remember to keep ladders and tools locked up and ask your neighbors to do the same. Check the lighting around your house, to make sure there are no dark entrances or windows.

Add additional lighting to any area that may need it. Never hide your keys outside; burglars know all of the good hiding places.

Next, you should reinforce all of the windows on your house. It is important to install additional locks on all of your ground floor windows, but check your law enforcement agency or housing officials to find out if any certain window locks are restricted in your area. One easy, inexpensive way to secure double-hung windows is to use a nail. First, drill an angled hole through the top frame of the lower window partially into the frame of the upper window. You may place a nail or eyebolt into the hole, now this window will not open until you remove the nail. If you have windows within 48'' of an entrance, they need to contain impact...