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A hawaiian journey is what we seek, Places to see and fun people to meet.

Outgoing girl looking for fun and sun, Tanning on the beach and more to come.

The class clown looking for pretty girls, They reject him for guys that can do more curls.

"Take the hint!" they say, "and leave us alone, We don't want you so leave and go back home!" Cheerleading and partying are her game, She's and a hundred other names.

The actress, dramatic and so funny.

She has only one man she calls her honey, Coby Bryant is her love of this year, Playing on the Lakers, the team that's feared.

She wishes to hold him in her arms, Comforting him when he's lost all his charm.

, quite and calm. Everyone can't say Anything wrong, if you need help she won't delay, She's a good friend and anyone you ask Will say the same, she never is off task.

My cousin , sixteen and my best friend, He's always there to talk, just "˜round the bend, When I mess up he knocks me on my butt, Yelling and telling me that I'm nut.

He's here and in my life to keep me sane, We have this game, a silly control reign.

Then there's , sister, Young, fifteen, but if i didn't have her I'd have to deal with her brother myself.