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Professional Golf Today Two highly competitive tours of today are the PGA and the EPGA. The Professional Golfer's Association of America has become one of the largest growing tours in the world. Every competitor is battling it out each week for thousands of dollars. Participants in the PGA events are mostly Americans, but some are from various parts of the globe. The European Golfer's Association is the other largest professional golf tour. This tour contains a few Americans, but mostly European people play in these tournaments.

Ever since the PGA of America was founded in January 16, 1916 it has been dedicated to promoting golf to people all over the nation. There are now around 25,000 members of the tour. The first PGA championship was held October 9-14, 1916. The total purse for the tournament was only $2,580. Now almost all competitions have a purse of around $1,000,000. Golf is surely becoming one of the highest paying sports, and now large amounts of people are picking up the game for the first time ("PGA 2000" 1).

The American tour is very similar to the European tour. They both have the most talented golfers in the world. Each association holds a tournament once a week, where the players must perform on higher level on Thursday and Friday to be able to make some money. After the first two days, only a top percentage will only be allowed to play on the weekend for a big check. PGA events are almost always shown on television, and if people are going to view golf, it's usually the American tour that they watch. However, the Europeans are only on television every once in a while. The type of clubs and balls used varies widely on each tour. This is usually determined by a person's...