A Process Analysis Essay, How to PUblish your website in cyberspace

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The Internet is surely the great revolution of our era. Just as the middle decades of the last century came to be called the Space Age, the first decades of this one will be remembered as the Cyberspace Age. For the first time, anyone with just a computer, a few ideas, and the sufficient knowledge can publish a magazine, distribute a movie, or sell their music through the Internet. The most exciting thing about the Internet is not surfing the web and reading hourly news bulletins; instead, it is getting involved in the online community and building your own corner of cyberspace. It is also the possibility of exchanging information with people similar to you, only they are thousands of miles away on the other side of the world. The size and variety of the online community is so great, it is impossible not to come into contact with someone who shares the same interests and passions as yourself.

In the creation of a website, the builder must first have sufficient knowledge on how the systems work; he or she can then use deductive logic to trouble shoot any potential problems. The World Wide Web is the collective name for all the websites, which link to each another and which you can browse using Internet Explorer, Nescape Navigator, Opera, or any of the other available browsers. The Internet, in contrast, is the name of the interconnected network or infrastructure that holds and transports the World Wide Web.

A website is a collection of files, usually in a single folder, on a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet and specifically set up with software to deliver them to people's web browsers. This computer is called a web server. When you type in a web address, your own computer searches...