The Problem Of Evil

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The reality we need to face: Racism or Social Class.

Although many people are of the opinion that racism is no longer the main reason for the huge number of blacks in prison, I will endeavor to prove that without a doubt racial discrimination is one of the main reasons why so many blacks are in jail. I will demonstrate this with reference to the treatment of blacks in the justice system. I will show that even black professionals are facing discrimination. These black elites are also being harassed by the police officers because of their color. I will prove that the legal system is socially biased with respect to the people of color. I will do this by citing current occurrences relating to the treatment of blacks in the justice system.

We all know that racism is no new discovery. It has ruined our past, it is ruining our present, and if we do not attack the root of the problem early enough, it will also ruin our future.

What then is racism? In his book Face to Face: The changing state of racism across America, James Waller, a social psychologist specializing in the effects of racism on American society, defines racism as having two parts: the individual and the institutional. "I define racism as (1) an individual's negative prejudicial attitude or discriminatory behavior towards people of a given race or (2) institutional personnel, policies, practices, and structures (even if not motivated by prejudice) that subordinate people of a given race"� (47).

I will confirm the unjust treatment of blacks by examining the justice system. How many of us have ever witnessed or heard of police officers beating a poor " nigger"� boy with a nightstick? There is a big issue going on concerning the harsh treatment of...