Problem: Complete Ramsey Walker's profit plan for the children's book line. What are your work assumptions: which of these assumptions are critical to your analysis?

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Work assumption:

1. Assume that the sales will increase by 10% for each new title, as indicated the Backlist sales increase.

2. Assume that the total number of new titles remain unchanged; since Ramsey is trying to publish fewer segments and focus more resources on trying to publish fewer segments and focus more resources on differentiation those books in the marketplace, there is no reason for him increase the new titles.

3. Assume that they plan to increase their gross margin by 2% and decrease the expenses of sales by 1%, for each of the six formats, as given for Backlist.

4. Assume that AR as the percentage of sales remains 20%, as indicated by Backlist.

5. Assume that inventory as the percentage of sales decrease by 15%, as indicated by Backlist.

6. Assume that AP as the percentage of sales will stretch to 20%, as the last year percentage for the first five formats is 18%.

The 10% increase in sales, 2% increase in GM and 1% decrease in expenses should be critical since it will increase the profit dramatically. And the decrease in inventory is also critical because it will decrease the lower part of the ROA formula. Since the overall goal of the profit plan is to achieve the 10% increase in ROA, so the above assumptions will directly affect the end results.

Problem 2: Review the list of financial performance measure presented above. What measures or calculations should Ramsey use to manage the business? How should those measures be calculated?

1. Annual sales growth rate should be used to measure their performance because this rate helps management to evaluate the quality of their decisions and also helps to make the new strategy for the future development. It is calculated by suing the difference between current year...