Pro-Choice Abortion

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This is part of the essay i did, it's not completely done but almost completed, it is a very good persuasive essay

Imagine this, you are a female walking down the street in a neighborhood that to say the least isn't that great. You don't feel that safe, but have no other way of getting home, it's only about eight at night, yet you are walking as fast as you can to get to your home; one of the only places you feel safe. While you are walking you begin to sense that someone is behind you, maybe even following you, so you decide to take a shortcut through an alley. Not a good idea, the person behind you turns out to be a male and attacks you right as you turn the corner into the alley. The next thing you know you are laying alone in the middle of the alley, all alone, with your clothes torn off of you; you have just been raped.

Can you imagine giving birth to a child from this horrific event? In most cases of rape, the only way to escape this is to have an abortion. Abortion is a very controversial issue in today's society. Abortion is legal in all fifty states, yet many believe that it should not be and are pushing to make the process of abortion illegal. The main controversy of abortion stems from economic, social and moral reasonings. I believe that abortion should stay legalized and that it is a women's and only a women's choice to decide what she wants to do, because only she knows the pain and suffering. Keeping abortion legal will stop all back-alley abortions that tend to occur a lot when those women wanting an abortion are scared to get one. Leaving the...