Precedence Of The American Revolution

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As all revolutions go, the are two sides: one in power and one looking to over-throw this power. The American Revolution was obviously no exception. America was looking to overthrow its ruler, Britain. In addition, reasons are needed for the revolutionaries to want to over-throw their government, and a winner and loser are also needed. So how did Britain provoke the colonists and why were the colonists successful? More importantly for our-time, how did the occurrence of the American Revolution affect other revolutions around the globe? In other words I would like to show you how the American Revolution was able to set precedence and give other revolutions a dependable system to follow.

First off, the colonists did have some solid reasons for rebelling against Britain. To me the first mistake Britain made was when King James II deprived the colonies of their local political rights and independence. The legislatures were dissolved, and the King chose officials to rule over the courts.

This event led to many other conflicts. For instance in 1687 the towns of Ipswich and Topsfield resisted the taxes imposed by Governor Andros. From this situation arose the phrase, "No taxation without representation." A second reason for America beginning the Revolution is because of the intolerable acts inflicted on it by Britain. The intolerable acts consisted of a series of needless taxes put on the colonies to "punish" them. One of these was the Stamp Act. This was a tax put upon all paper goods. To rebel the colonists held the "Boston Tea Party". Although one cannot blame the revolution of two soul causes these two major contributors..

So now that we know what started the Revolution, the question we must ask is, what enabled the colonists to win. One of these things was the fact that...