The Practicality of Using Quotas

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Many people in charge of the hiring duties within businesses, college entrances, and numerous other occupations have all been asking the same question, "Is it okay to use quotas?" For years, it has been a very controversial topic whether or not quotas should be used in hiring practices, college entrances, and countless other related areas. There is no right or wrong answer to this issue but there are facts that can help determine the best decision for you in your own daily life. Quotas create a more diversified environment, provide better chances for equal opportunity, but at the same time, quotas may put the less qualified a step ahead of those who are better deserving of a certain position.

Quotas are useful in generating a more diverse environment. For example, if a college has certain student quotas, such as ten percent of all students must be minorities, then these standards help prevent racial discrimination.

With a more diverse learning environment, people are taught how to get along with others more on a personality basis rather than the color of their skin. This could be beneficial if every college enacted such standards and all college applicants are equally qualified. It would give all people an equal chance to succeed and help to flourish an atmosphere with an assortment of all kinds of people.

Quotas are a great way to promote equal opportunity. Used much in the same way as diversifying the learning environment, businesses can distinguish themselves as an equal opportunity employer. Doing so would draw more applicants to open positions who would not otherwise apply, for fear they would be rejected merely on their family status or racial background. The more people that are willing to apply for a job, the more people the employer has to choose...