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Essay: Will, not Fate, Determines Life As a part of the English Gifted Course, this essay will prove the fact that will; not fate determines life. Our deliberate wish and volition that decides our course of actions lay the path of our lives as opposed to walking the path that the supposed force, principle, or power has predetermined for us.

Fate does not exist, the events in our lives occur out of reason or our decisions. For example, the computer software tycoon, Bill Gates, C.E.O. of the worldwide software company Microsoft built his fame and fortune with his bare hands. If his fate, or destiny, was to be a multi-billionaire at birth, and Mr. Gates acknowledged this from a prophet, does that mean that he could've gained his technology empire without sacrifices and effort? Does that mean that Mr. Gates could've made money out of thin air, because his fate was to be a multi-billion computer software tycoon? No, because Mr. Gates's decision to excel in his field of profession, as an entrepreneur and a computer software engineer was the cause of his success, not fate.

If fate exists, a purpose in life does not. A purpose in life varies for different individuals. But if fate pre-determines one's life, there is no purpose to it because their future is inevitable. Which will mean our strife is not necessary because our "product" is ensured to be there and will not change despite any actions we take. In this theory, for a bakery, a cake will be present whether if we had the ingredient or not. One's end to their lives, is the product of their will and activity. The cake will only exist if our will to bake a cake and if we took the action to bake it. Our will and activity determines life, not fate.

Strife and our work can be proven, by the evidence that we leave behind. Such as the magnificent Great Wall of China that still stands tall from the Korea Mountains to the Gobi Desert. It is the result of the hard work and devotion of many Chinese workers to prevent northern invasions. Fate is an abstract noun, referring to the supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events. As Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous 19th Century non-fiction writer quotes: " Whatever limits us, We call fate." In conclusion, it's a fact that will, not fate, determines life. I will end with a quote from the U.S. congressman, three-time democratic presidential nominee, and secretary of state, William Jennings Bryan: "Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."