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Gregory was born in the year of five hundred and forty, about the same time that Benedict wrote the Rule for monks. His place of birth was in Rome. He was born to a very wealthy family and was raised in an aristocratic house. His father was Gordian who was a very well known senator. There is little known about his mother Silva except she was from a good home and honored as a saint of her time. Her feast is still honored on the third of November.

Gregory was extremely smart and had what is considered by most to be the best education of his time period. He had studied law very extensively, and was the best in things like dialect. One of Gregory's favorite things to do was to read scriptures or listen to the conversation of the churches teachers then sit and analyze what was read or said carefully.

He was known by many to have loved the lord since his child hood.

In the year of five hundred and seventy three when Gregory was only thirty years old he was made the Prefect of Rome which at that time was extremely important and powerful office. Then only one year later but not until after much thought Gregory left his office and became a monk in five hundred and seventy four. To Gregory leaving the job and giving away all his costly robes, furniture, and jewels to the poor was a relief, he had often described the job as a time of constant pressure, and was happy to become a monk.

One year later Gregory's father died leaving Gregory with an extremely large amount of wealth. Gregory then used the vast amount of money to found six monasteries in Sicily and converted the house his father left...