Politics in Arts

Essay by harlembeat83A-, May 2004

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Many of us think art just as an expression of the creator which then can entertain us. Art can bring us to another 'world'; a world where we can forget our miseries, for some times, to enjoy the exquisiteness and uniqueness of that piece of art. Art is a mean where we can escape our busy, hectic everyday life and enjoy a piece of soothing experience. We can encounter this relaxing feeling through many forms of art; paintings, sculptures, music, movies, books, etc. However, art is actually not merely an expression. Art is political, as well.

Though we suppose that a "good" work is invariably believed to be a work "that has something to say", needless to say that we rarely see those kind of "good" works. Most mainstream filmmakers just feed their audiences with outstanding scenes, superb special effects and gorgeous casts but have no point in their movies.

The movies have no message at all; they have nothing to say. Here, the mainstream filmmakers have their own politic ideology view: money-making. They do not care about their empty-message-movies as long as their movies can hit box office and they can get a large sum of money. Money is all that matters. Ironically, the real "good" works, which are mostly made by independent filmmakers, are not highly praised even though they have messages in it. These "good" works cannot even make their way to the movie theater, let alone box office. These works often considered as too heavy and cannot delight a great number of audiences. That's why the theaters do not want to aired them for they cannot yield a remarkable amount of money. Take for example the Indonesian movies Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) and Daun Di Atas Bantal (DdAB). AADC smoothly make its way to the...