Planes Used In World War Two

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Planes Used In World War II During World War Two there were many different types of planes used by all countries. The U.S. used many different kinds of planes such as, fighters, bombers and, attack planes. These planes helped each side very much because of what they could do. For example, fighter planes were used in escorting Bomber planes to and from targets and if there were no escorts the bomber planes would be shot down. Attack planes were basically the same thing as Fighter planes but Attack planes could do more things like bomb and attack ships. They weren't designed for air combat as much but they could still compete in air combat.

The U.S. had huge resources so they could build many planes and had many pilots also. The U.S. also had a large variety of planes, which gave us many capabilities. One of the best dive-bombers was the P-51 Mustang, it had a low drag airframe which allowed it to sustain high speeds for a long time.

The engine was replaced with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, which gave it such outstanding performance that it basically replaced any plane with an Allison engine. But it couldn't climb very fast and 109, spitfire, F6F were superior in that area. The P-47D Thunderbolt was another dive bomber but it wasn't very good in bombing but it could outrun almost any other plane including the p-51. It also was one of the strongest planes and it had to be hit many times for it to be destroyed. But the P-47D basically couldn't turn and if it did it would lose a great amount of speed like it dropped an anchor. Because of all these things it was used in ground attacks because of the amount of fire power and it could...