How to pitch a sale to a CEO

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There are a couple of things that I can do to provide a good presentation. First, on the location, I would pick an Expensive and elegant venue to host the conference. I would make sure that every single one of the executives was comfortable and happy with their accommodations. It always helps to sugar coat the situation as much as possible. The median would probably be a high class hotel with an expendable conference room. I want to give off the perception that my company is serious about obtaining venture capitol, and I feel that first impressions are everything.

I am trying to make a presentation to obtain venture capitol from an investment companies CEO and a few other high ranking officials. My audience is one of high prestige and class. The people that I'm trying to convince deal with money and figures everyday. There is no way to give them only half of the information.

I need to know my facts, because when I lay out my plan on how I'm going to use the capitol that I am asking the company to provide, they are going to have questions. The biggest one would be, by giving this capitol to you, how is this investment going to benefit our company? My plan is to go into the meeting with a PowerPoint presentation giving a basic overview on how the capitol that will be provided by the company will be allocated through my system.

My objective for the meeting is to come away with some venture capitol to help start my business. During the meeting, these are the points that I want to stress. "Business Summary: a brief statement covering the main points that Include a discussion of:



Strategic position

Exit plan" (

For management, I feel...