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PERSONAL FITNESS PROGRAM Introduction: Fitness isn't just being beautiful, thin, muscular, with good eating habits. The definition of being fit is being physically and mentally sound. But to be physically fit you need five components they are: Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Frequency, and Intensity. Make sure to always include these in your own fitness programs. Being fit also involves four parts and they are: Physical Fitness, Emotionally Fit, Mentally Fit and Socially Fit.

Physical Section My Goals: 1. Become stronger 2. Loose all fat and replace with muscle 3. Decrease body size to my satisfaction 4. Eat healthy 5. Have nice looking abs Statement of Time: I have already started my personal fitness program, but I will start all over March 29th 2001 because I will be less busy with my other sports and will be more dedicated into my personal fitness program. I will never stop my personal fitness program but will probably have changes during the summer time because I will start working out outside and do other outdoor activities.

Warmup You need to warmup before every training session because you need to prepare the muscles in the body for the exercises it is about to do. Stretching your muscles can be done statically or dynamically. Static stretches involves holding a specific position for several seconds to work a particular muscle or muscles. Dynamic stretches involve movement in a certain direction or manner to achieve flexibility of a given muscle. You have to be careful with the way you stretch. If it is not done properly you can actually cause injury rather than prevent it. One of the most common mistake that you should absolutely not do is bounce. Bouncing risks pulling or tearing the muscle you're trying to stretch and relax. A proper warmup will increase the blood...