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Accidents Are car accidents a major issue in the state of Florida? Yes, it is. How can we prevent the injuries? Seat belts. Here's the law about seat belts. All persons in the front seat must wear a seat belt.

Children under age five must wear a seat belt, or be in a crash tested, federaly approved child restrained device. Children under the age of three must be selt belted in a seperate carrier or vehicle manufacturers integrated child seat. The driver pays the fine for accupants to the age of 18. Motor vehicle collisions are the major cause of death in the 16-24 age group. Seatbelts cut your chances of being killed or seriously injured in a collision by about 50%. Three out of four collisions occur within 25 miles of your home. A common cause of death or injuries of children is from being crushed by adults who are not wearing seatbelts.

Seatbelts keep the occupants from being thrown around inside the vehicle. Seat belts are designed to spread the force of impact over the strong parts of your body. Seat belts prevent occupants from hitting each other during a collision. They also helt the driver to maintain control in a collsion.

Many drivers get into collision because they do not realize the risk involved in a given situation. Last year, about 40,000 people were killed and over two million injured because someone failed to realize the risk. In Florida, 2,811 people were killed because someone failed to realize the risk. Five hundred five of the 2,811 were pedestrians in 1997. Our total bill as a nation for our performance(or lack thereof) on the highways has exceeded 100,000,000,000 dollars! To help these figures we need to formulate a plan. 1.) Realize the Risk- We need to know...