Personal Narrative: My First Time Skiing

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There is a first time for everything. Some first time experiences aren't so important while others we will never forget. One first time experience I will never forget is the first time I went skiing. I remember being lifted on the ski lift chair. The memory of being on top of the high hill with the feeling I am going to puke will be with me forever. The most memorable moment of this whole experience will be the first time I went speeding down the hill and thinking I am going to hit a tree and die!

I felt myself being lifted on to the ski lift chair with the most excited feeling I have ever had. As the chair goes up I see this beautiful view of people coming down this huge hill with their big coats and these trees right ahead of them. This was my first time in Lake Tahoe and my first time skiing.

I am in a sled-like ski chair called a bi-ski. It has two has two skis on the bottom, and two small skis attached to the side, which are kind of like training wheels.

I remember reaching the top of the hill with a very excited feeling. As I got to the top, the instructor at the top helped me off the chair. I waited for the other instructor to explain how I control my movements. While he was talking, all I thought about was hitting a tree and embarrassing myself. I just stood there looking at his red nose and chapped lips. He finally said something I found useful, he told me to lean whichever way I wanted to steer. After he finished explaining, I just went down that big hill of snow.

I am so excited and scared at the...