"Permeation of Islam in Everyday Life"

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Islam is more than simply a religion in the Middle East; it is a way of life which permeates all society. Everyday, Middle Easterners are made aware of their religion, through daily customs, law and order, and many, through the daily tribulations caused by holy war. Because of this strong connection with daily life, Muslims are not merely Muslims once a week, or when it is convenient for them; Muslims are Muslims everyday hour of every day, with every fiber of their beings.

Every day, at dawn, Muslims are called to pray, using techniques they learned when they were very young, and that they will never forget. Later, in mid-morning, they are called to face Mecca again, to pay homage to Allah, the one and only god. Again at mid-day, and twice more, in the late afternoon, and at the break of the eve, they pray again. At these times, workers and students pause their toil, and stop to become one with their god, in the name of Islam.

In crowded marketplaces, in restaurants, and even in barren deserts, everything stops for a few minutes, to purify and converse with the almighty. With these interludes throughout the day, it is impossible to forget about Islam, for it is present throughout the whole of society, affecting the daily lives of everyone in the Middle East.

In most Middle Eastern countries, a multitude of laws are based on what is written in the Koran. The Muslim holy book discusses matters of morality and ethics, many similar to Christian and Jewish beliefs, such as not to lie, cheat, or steal. These ideals were then inset in law, making it illegal to do much of what is forbidden in the Koran to do. Other laws go further, often partially based on interpretation of...