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Projection of the Population Profile of 2000 In the year of 2000, I predict that the residents in the census tract of 0012.01 will continue to grow drastically, due to the new subdivision constructed in this area recently. The new subdivision, Carpenters Creek, has successfully attracted many new citizens to this area, thus drastically increasing the number of residents. At the same time, all different kinds of residents are going to move in. The most abundant one of course, will still be the whites, since they are the dominating race in this tract. In the past few years, however, the incoming African Americans are also starting to increase in this area, but the Asian race is still one of the minorities, due to the fact that there aren't that many in the city of Pensacola. Soon the number of children in this tract will also have a vast change and increase heavily in the amount compared to the year of 1989, since the number of households have gone up a great number, due to the new subdivision.

Now the value of the location is still quite the same as it was 10 years ago, but in the 2000 census, it will most likely go up some due to the new housing, and the great location of this tract. Since the new houses are so expensive in this tract, this will only result in the average income per household to go up also, therefore bringing up the average income per capita. In this area, the most important and drastic change was the rapid growth in residents. This caused the value to go up, as well as the population, income per capita, the multi-racial families blending together, resulting in the quick production of the neighborhood for the better.