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In our society today, many people are very concern about the sexual activities of our young adolescent. Adolescent are having premarital-sex with out using contraceptives, or abstaining from the act, which are putting them at such high risk.

In our society, confronting and managing our own sexuality is difficult for many adolescent. Our religious and cultural heritage has had a strong direct influence on our knowledge, beliefs, and attitude on our sexual behavior. Teenagers need to take into account what are some of the consequences of becoming sexually active. Some teens do not realize that being sexual active mean being responsible and that sex is not a game and something to be experiment with unless you are going to take the precaution that come with it. Otherwise, being sexually active can be detrimental to your health and be life altering to their career and their future. At times, it is even life threatening.

Studies have shown that young teenager do not practice safe sex because sex is not something to value anymore. They do not see the point in waiting for the person you are going to marry and share a powerful bond of love for each other. In the U.S many and more people are becoming divorced or being abused by their spouse. Numerous of teenager has given up on word marriage and view sex not something that should be treated with respect and sacred between one partner.

There are such high risks involved when becoming intimate with your partner, such as becoming pregnant, suffering emotionally and catching diseases which all lead into more dilemmas. When a young adolescent mother becomes pregnant, she suffers serious socioeconomic and personal hardships. Teen moms reduce their probability of graduating from high school, having high rate of being poverty stricken, and having low...