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Paris is the French capital. It is sometimes referred to as "the city of lights". Paris is mostly known for its art. Paris has a lot of beautiful sites. Paris is also very cramped with people. This country also has 4,082 streets.

If you visit Paris you will probably visit the waters basin in the Tuileries Gardens. The perimeter of this is 22 miles. Many places are located around the basin. Ile-de-Franceis (the place that surrounds the center of the city with industries) makes up 20% of Frances population with only 2.2% of the countries surface area. Some people believe it is so populated because everything is so close to it, such as the English Channel , Le Havre, Marseilles, and Notre Dame.

The 17th century was the first development of a transit system for Paris. Over 4.1 million people use these wonderful trains every day. During Rush hour a train leaves every minute.

There is no place in Paris where a bus station is more then 1,640 feet away.

Paris has a wonderful array of parks and gardens. Parkland covers 1/5th of Paris. Each resident has 12 square yards of green space. The city of light also has wonderful squares. Because of this wonderful thing Paris has to give it has a large array of postcards. There are 11,000 streetlamps in Paris. Paris also has 35 bridges across the seine. The oldest bridge dates bake to 1578.