The Pain of Divorce.

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Growing up as a kid wasn't as easy as I would have liked it to be. But if I didn't have hard times and challenges I wouldn't be as fit as I am today. Emotionally, I am strong as an ox and I owe that to my parents. But not only by raising me, teaching me, and correcting me, did they make me into the man I am today. But by performing something so powerful yet unintentional is what made me rock solid in the long run.

When my parentsdivorced I was only six. Being so young I wasn't really sure what was occurring. It took about four more years for me to realize that this wasn't how it was supposed to be. Living with my mom in a new house and new surroundings soon became overbearing. I became sad and depressed. The next couple of years went by slowly and the situation didn't seem to be getting any easier.

It wasn't until I was about ten years old that I realized if I didn't make things better than I would end up miserable for the rest of my life. Of course I couldn't make my parents get back together, so I decided to change my whole perception of the ordeal. I sat down and began thinking, in search for the brighter side of things. I soon realized that if my parents had stayed together they both would have been very unhappy causing me to feel just as bad. This was the first time in my life I actually felt that the divorce was for the better.

As I grew older the positive thoughts about my parent's separation grew also. I became stronger and learned how to deal with the situation. This occurrence taught me that if something...