Overpaid Athletes

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"Show me the money," screamed Rod. "C'mon Jerry, show me the money!" We vividly remember this famous line from the hit movie, Jerry Maguire. The greedy football player, Rod Tidwell, screams these unforgettable lines trying to convince his agent that he will not settle for any less than a top dollar salary as the flashy Arizona Cardinal wide receiver. This scene exemplifies what has happened to professional sports in recent years. The focus of professional sports has evolved from one of teamwork and camaraderie to one of avarice and greed. The specific problems in recent years that have stemmed off this overwhelming greed include exorbitant salaries, lockouts (or work stoppages) in professional sports, and the growing disparity among team payrolls. Professional sports teams should have a salary cap for each individual athlete.

Salary caps are implemented to keep the payroll for athletes and teams equal . This is a very good point, however, Salary caps are important to keep teams close, but that leaves great players making millions while the good players make too little.

The owners are trying to get the most money out of their team but in the mean time nobody is watching their team play and the profit is zero. Money problems have and will continue to scar sports and more importantly the fans. High price players effect fans more than you might think. The Los Angeles Lakers offered Shaquille O'Neal $123 million over seven years. That deal will help push tickets for the so-called "cheap" seats at the LA Stadium from $9 to $20.

In spite of the fact that teams with high salaries don't always win, it has been calculated that unless your payroll is at a certain level you are out of the race before it even starts. Baseball has the highest...