The Outsiders

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In Summer, Cory Knutson , 17, was a girl who live in a bigot town, but she is not raciest.

She live her life as a regular teenage. She had friends, a stepfather, a brother, sister in law, and a dying mother. But in all charged when she met a Indian boy named Harvey McNamara (Mac) at a powwow when her mother and Roxanne ( mother Indian friends) took her.

After that she met Mac at school and then started to date him. But soon she started to get racism letters by a unknown person. To one day it went to far, there was about five boxes of condom stuffed in her locker. She has keep all of the condom but only told her best friend named Sash.

Later Roxanne gave a dream catcher to Cory mother and soon after that her mother died. Everyone was so depressed after and things started to charged a lot more.

Mike (stepfather) adopted Cory and took care of her. Mike keep everything of her mother in the same place it was before she died. I guess he can't let go and still wish she was a lived.

Later at the landing ( a place where protesting happen against Indian and Whites)Mac got hit and started to bleed. Cory has no where to take him, so she took his to the motel she was working at. She and him fell a sleep in a bed together there, but they wake up to the sound of Mr. Bartleby ( the motel owner) came in the room with two guests. He yell at them thinking they had sex in the motel, but they didn't! So Cory and Mac left in a hurry ( not saying a word to Mr. Bartleby).

When Cory got...