Outline for my HSTS 331, England and other European countries and the industrial revolution.

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What were the causes of the industrial revolution? What factors caused industrialization to take hold in some places and not others?

1. The Making of the Modern Age 2nd Ed., A. Haberman, Gage EPC Toronto, ON Canada 1986

2. The Industrial Revolution., S. Ross, Franklin Watts, Dunbury, CT 2001


-changed occurred between 1750 and 1830

-used wood for heat instead of coal, left w/ large deposits of coal to fuel new ideas

-steam power, no longer the need to work near streams and rivers - coal/iron get boost w/ steam engine (James Watt)

-used colonies for raw supplies - used colonies as markets to sell to

-"Between 1796 and 1830 cotton manufacturing increased threefold" (Haberman P.89)

-"In 1838 there were 540 miles of railway; by 1850 there were 6621 miles" (Haberman P.89)

-rail lines were considered the best way to monitor a country's state of industrialization

-Cotton was simple, cheap, and easily made product that everyone could use

-cotton and other products were shipped in large amounts, cotton could be sold to every country

-3 elements that set apart Britain:

1. Education 2. "Modern" Work Attitudes 3. "Modern" Gov't Attitudes

-the Enlightened period brought w/ it a larger educated work force w/ modern views on work

-English society was not opposed to "new money" (Haberman P.90) like other countries

-"By the mid-18th century, about half of the world's sea trade was carried by British ships" (Ross)

-"Bank of England, established in 1694, had long experience in controlling the money market and could provide credit..." (Haberman P.90)


-In early 1800s Germany was still made up of small single states, which all imposed tariffs to trade

-railway was small, no large shipyards like Britain

-"1834 Zollverein (Customs Union) removed tariffs on trade between individual German states, and the construction...