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In Thurber's "The last Clock" and Lewis' "Out of the Silent Planet" there is a strong similarity in the social comment. This can be found in the court case in the last clock and in the trial of Weston before Oyarsa in Out of the Silent Planet. The content of these two scenes is quiet different but the style of what is said is similar.

In the last clock they are trying to figure out of what to do about the fact that there is no time and what to do About it and what kind of punishment is necessary for the ogre. While this is going on the supreme magistrate keeps on objecting to anything that is said. It seems that nothing will ever be proven and when the ogre dies he rebukes that and then they decide to put the last remaining clock into the town museum, which will ruin there entire existence.

This shows that they have no respect for any social comment that is said during a court trial.

In Out of the Silent Planet when Weston is on trial he will not speak to Oyarsa because he can not see him. Instead he talks like a two year old to one of the animal who he thinks is speaking to him. This only continues until he is washed with cold water and realizes he should smarten up and when he notices Ransom talking to this invisible person Weston show utter direspect when talking to the highest leader of another planet. This shows that no matter where human are there social comment does not change unless a person has a good social comment to begin with.

In the short story the last clock and the novel out of the silent planet they both show extreme similarity in the way social comment is used especially when in a trial session. They both show utter disregard for the court system, which results in them having the same social comment.

D) The character Poole in Dick's "Electric Ant" is like Weston in Leis' "out of the silent planet" because they both show a keen interest in expanding and improving the human race. This can be seen through the risks that they will put themselves through in order to advance the human race or the robotic human race.

In out of the silent planet Weston first of all risks his life by traveling to a new planet where he can easily be killed in order to find a new planet on which humans can live. He doubles his risks by making a second travel there without knowing the intentions of the creatures on that planet. Then because of his actions he is forced to leave on a journey that can easily kill him and his partner and Ransom. These space journey are made for the benefit of humans but are also self modivated because they will also benefit Weston. Weston is not in it for humans but for the money and acknowledgement that he will receive.

In the electric ant Poole discovers that he is not actually human but an electric and or a robot.When he discovers this he tries to find out if he is forced to work where he does and find out that he does not have a programming circuit. He then started to play with the drum of tape by filling in holes and making new holes. He found this tape to give him reality and with no holes he would see nothing. After risking his life several times and getting the tape jammed he tried one more experiment and that was to cut the tape and put in a completely blank section.He thought that he will be able to control the universe. This led him to die and his friend to die as well.

This shows that Weston and Poole are very similar in trying to expand humanity. One using the robots to control the world, being Poole as the leader and the other having Weston as the leader of Mars. Both the experience have so far failed for both men and for Poole have failed indefinetly.