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Executive Summary

Today, the use of the Internet is ever increasing and undeniably is changing our lifestyle. Recognising this trend in the general population, the major organisations are allowing their businesses to be conducted over the electronic medium, generally known as E-commerce. Coupled with this shift in organisational thinking, large advertising campaigns are funded to continuously educate and inform the public, which speeds up the general acceptance of this new medium as a mean of business transaction. We too as an organisation can adopt this change to gain competitive advantages over our competitors, to deliver customer satisfaction every time and ultimately to expand our business.

Implement E-commerce for us means that we will able to improve our services by having more control over our operations than ever before. It will make possible to offer a larger customisable range of products, enable streamline operations, reduce overhead costs and introduce more stability into the organisation.

These benefits consistently align with the organisation's business objective of being the number one choice service provider to our customers.

For our customers, dealing with an E-commerce organisation, it means that they will be able to reach us at anytime of the day and wherever they may be representing an increase in customer demands and expectations. The impact is organisational wide, which requires proper strategic planning that varies from creating new roles, responsibilities and processes to modify existing ones. Sometimes it even requires that we modify our business model.

Organisation background

The organisation used in this exercise, Portrait Express Ltd Pty, is one that I have previously worked for. At the time of my employment, I participated in the project of redesign their existing systems with the aim of fully integrate all components of the business (operational, financial, inventory, sales and marketing and dispatching) into one proprietary...