Old Horror Vs. New Horror

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Over time horror movies have come a long way. If you take a look at a mid 1980's horror movie and a horror movie made recently you will find differences in many categories. Eventhough horror movies will still scare you; they have changed in their handling of the main character, the victim, and the plot.

In an older horror movie the main character or psycho killer is much different from the main character of a newer horror movie. In an old horror flick the killer is usually dressed up in a costume and they never really show their face. Also, they don't have a home, they hide out in some abandon building or house, and only come out to kill. In a new horror movie the main character wears normal everyday clothes and leads a normal lifestyle. You get to know who the murderer is and his background information. Two excellent examples of this are the old Halloween movies and the recent American Psycho.

There has been a major change in the role of the victim in horror movies. If you watch an old horror movie, you will find out that the victims are almost gullible and always fall into traps where they are going to get caught. They do not use common sense to escape and they don't use what is around them to defend themselves'. If you watch a "Halloween" movie, you will find that Jamie Lee Curtis always ends up where Michael Myers is for some odd reason. On the other hand in new horror movies the victims have common sense to defend themselves and they just are not so stupid, like when there are weapons to use, they use them to injure the killer and are able to escape and find help. They give the killer...