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Philosophy I. The Purposes of Youth Ministries is two-fold: A. The Purpose is to help teens be conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29).

1. Salvation is necessary for a teen to become conformed the image of Christ.

2. The second step to becoming conformed to Christ is dedication to His Will.

3. The third step is to surrender to the LORD as a full-time servant.

4. The last step is to simply be obedient and do His Will.

B. The Purpose is also to develop and activate a balanced youth program.

1. This purpose must be supported by a Bible-centered philosophy.

2. This purpose also must be executed with sound methods; the key is balance.

II. The People in the Youth Ministry are what makes the ministry possible.

A. The Pastor plays a key role in the ministry to the young people.

1. The Pastor should be involved with the youth as much as possible.

2. The Pastor and youth pastor should discuss and agree on philosophy and goals.

3. The pastor and youth pastor should maintain a biblical friendship and a constant high level of communication.

4. The Pastor should set the standard for the way the youth group should be run, but he should give the youth pastor the freedom to be himself in his ministry.

B. The Youth Pastor and his wife are probably the most influential couple in the youth ministry.

1. The youth pastor must be guided and directed by God's Word; His philosophy must be based on the Word of God (Prov. 14:12).

a. The youth pastor must be single minded (Phil 3:13).

b. The youth pastor must saturate himself and those around him with the Word of God (Psalm 19:7).

c. The youth pastor must use the gifts God has given him for perfecting the teens (Eph. 4:12).

d. The youth pastor must enjoy his ministry with the teens.

C. The Sponsors need to be individuals with a burden for young people.

1. Their philosophy and goals should be the same as the youth leaders.

2. They should be responsible individuals, preferably married, with a fervent desire to serve God.

D. The parents are the most influential and the most important adults in the lives of their teens.

1. The youth pastor must maintain a ministry with the parents if he is going to effectively minister to their teens.

2. He should schedule regular meetings with the parents.

3. He should give them a copy of his curriculum so they know what their teens are being taught.

4. He should invite them to come to his Sunday school class or to the youth meetings and activities.

5. He should involve the parents as much as possible in his ministry with his teens.

6. The youth leader should remember that he is not the parent. He functions as a para-parent, one who comes along side.

7. The youth leader's goal in ministering to the parents should be to help the parents help their teens.

E. The teens should be involved as much as possible in the church services.

1. Give them opportunities to use their talents in the morning and evening worship services.

2. Let them sing in the adult choir.

3. Make them feel needed and important in the ministry of the church.

4. Encourage them get involved in the churchfs visitation and soul winning program.

5. Teach them to serve! III. There are many methods that can be used in ministering to youth. The key is that it must be biblical and it should coincide with your overall purpose and goal for the youth group.

A. Teaching is a major if not the most important method of ministering to teens. This method would primarily be used in Sunday School.

B. Preaching is a method ordained by God that should not be neglected. This method would most likely be used at youth activities or rallies.

C. Activities are very effective in getting unsaved teens to hear the gospel and are great ways to have fellowship.

1. Every activity should have a purpose and everything planned for that activity should support that purpose.

2. Activities planned for soul winning are great ways to get the teens involved in evangelizing the lost.

3. Each activity should support the overall purpose and goal for the youth group.

4. Evaluate the activity and determine if it accomplished the purpose and goal for which is was intended.

D. Missions Teams are great ways to expose teens to the Lordfs work.

1. Mission trips impact and effect the team members themselves the most.

2. Teens are forced to trust in the Lord in new ways.

3. Helps teens see what missions is all about.

F. Summer Camps expose teens to a lot of preaching and teaching from God's Word.

1. Often encourage teens to make decisions for Christ.

2. Often stress the importance of God and I time.

3. Counselors often have great impacts on teens with whom they come in contact.

G. Youth Services are great opportunities for the teens to become involved in the local church and should be planned as much as the pastor allows.

H. Youth Rallies are great opportunities to evangelize the lost in the surrounding communities.

I. Youth Leadership is probably the most effective way in developing teens.

bibliography Youth Work notes from Mr. Bill Valentine.

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