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True Ruler, True Man In Macleish's poem "Calypso's Island" the author sees Odysseus as a lover while in Homer's version they talk about his hardships he went through in his journey. Odysseus exemplifies a worthy man and ruler. In the two author's language, their different purposes can easily be understood.

In Macleish's "Calypso's Island" imagery show's Odysseus love for Penelope. This love by Odysseus and Penelope can be seen because Odysseus would rather spend his time "where that one wears the sunlight for a while". Odysseus indicates his love by choosing to be mortal with Penelope compared to immortal with Calypso. Odysseus illustrates his worthiness by proving that having sex with Kalypso was not his fault, but hers. Odysseus indicates his passion for Penelope by "long(ing) for (that)the cold, salt restless, contending sea". The art of writing of Macleish's exhibit his eagerness to unite with his long lost wife, Penelope, by sailing off the rock in the middle of the sea.

The sea of Macleish's and the love of Odysseus are similar to each other in quality; Odysseus love is just as deep as Macleish's sea. Odysseus attachment to Penelope is shown in imagery in Macleish's "Calypso Island".

In Homer's epic imagery shows Odysseus hardships in his adventure. Kalypso knows that he "could see it all, before you go- all the adversity you face at sea- you would stay here, and guard this house , and be immortal- though you wanted her forever, that bride for whom you pine each day"(V, 215-19). It can be seen that Odysseus faces a hardship with Kalypso. Kalypso wants Odysseus to be immortal and her husband. this hardship with Kalypso ends with the help of the great god, Zeus. Another hardship that he runs into is reuniting with his love. When the two unite Odysseus will close his book of hardships. Odysseus also foresees a obstacle and that is crossing the sea. Kalypso helps Odysseus by "(a)boarding (him)- bread, water, and ruby-colored wine" (V, 175-76). Kalypso can be seen as one of Odysseus hardships, but she really help him with food for a long adventure. He will return to Ithaca safely for, the great god, Zeus said so. The sea god created many obstacles for Odysseus for many years, but finally he will let him return to Ithaca.

Odysseus "hardshippers" that had given him hardships now are feeling for the great Odysseus. His hardships will soon turn into "softships".

In Macleish's "Calypso's Island and in Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus exemplifies perseverance to be with Penelope and back as ruler of Ithaca. Odysseus illustrates his perseverance to be with Penelope and he did not care "if any god has marked (me)him out again for shipwreck, my tough heart can undergo it" (V, 230-310). As seen in Homers epic he will lay everything on the line just to be with his love, Penelope. The same goes to be back as ruler of Ithaca and true owner of his hard worked land.

It can be seen that Odysseus wants to be moral "where that one wears the sunlight for a while". His drive for being mortal compared to immortal presents his relationship with his love, Penelope. Odysseus wants to end his book with his Penelope and his long owned country, Ithaca. He chooses to end his chapters the moral way. Odysseus could have been immortal as a god, but he choose to be mortal with his two praised possessions, Ithaca and Penelope.

The purposes of the author differ in Homer's Odyssey and Macleish's "Calypso's Island" because Odysseus in Macleish's poem is seen as a lover while Homer looks at all of Odysseus hardships. Odysseus is stuck on an island searching for his land and his love. Odysseus perseverance is the key to his door of success.