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Recently, I logged onto the Internet to "surf the web" when I noticed something on my AOL homepage that could be of great concern to some people living in Florida. The headline that popped up said "Inland Floridians May Have A Beachfront Home" and underneath it was a map that showed Florida with the coastal areas in red. The article said that due to global warming the areas in red could be underwater in the years to come. I beg to differ from this prognosis of global warming causing the ocean levels to rise. The oceans of planet earth are not getting larger from global warming but from something simpler that is happening in our waters.

For as long as I can remember the public has bombarded with headlines such as "Pollution Is Depleting The Ozone Layer" or "The Polar Icecaps Are Melting" giving the masses a great concern for their welfare.

In truth, the pollution levels that are being produced by toxic fumes from vehicle exhaust or factories in the great cities of the world are wreaking havoc on the atmosphere. There have been cases where the fumes from said factories cause the population surrounding them to contract such diseases as cancer. In the motion picture "A Civil Action" starring John Travolta the population is under just such an insidious attack. He finds out that a local factory owned by a large corporation is spewing gasses into the air and chemicals into the water and soil causing some in the community to become deathly ill. Also, in California, the government is trying to convince the populous to try to carpool and use alternate clean fuel sources to help clean up their atrocious problems with smog. These are fantastic reasons to try to clean up our act and help...