The Not So Jolly Roger

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The Not-So-Jolly Roger If you like adventure books I'd suggest you read The Not-So-Jolly Roger, written by Jon Scieszka. This is an adventure book that goes back into Blackbeard's time.

The main characters in this story are Blackbeard and his crew, Sam a magical magician, Fred, and Joe, who's telling the story. The setting takes place on an island and on Blackbeard's ship about I the early 1700s.

Conflicts in the story were man vs. man because the boys (Sam, Fred, and Joe) had to face Blackbeard and his crew. They had to find a way to get to the captains quarters to find The Book. This is the part in the book when Mr. Hands threw the boys under the deck.

Sam wanted to go on an island and find buried treasure. The Book granted that adventure and the boys were up in coconut trees when they opened their eyes.

Then they a saw ship coming to the island. As they looked down from the tree they saw the ugliest and biggest pirates they've ever seen. This was Blackbeard, also know as Edward Teach. Then while the pirates were burring their buried treasure, the boys feel in the hole. Sam told Blackbeard that he was a magician. Sam got the boys out of the mess by doing a magic trick. He pulled a quarter out of Blackbeard's boot. Blackbeard thought he was a real magician and brought him to the ship, Queen Anne's Revenge with him. Blackbeard's crew was fooling around and said they were having fun. Blackbeard wanted Sam to show them the quarter trick, but Sam couldn't because Blackbeard had taken his coin. None of the boys had a coin for Sam to do the trick, so the pirates made them walk the plank. Suddenly a British ship came along. Blackbeard and his crew were in for a fight. Mr. Hands threw the boys under the deck getting ready for the battle. The boys figured out where they could find the book and went above deck to go to the captains quarter. The deck was like a battle war zone. On the way to the captains quarter the crazy pirate started to come toward the boys and then he got shot. The cannon rolled back and turned directly at the powder magazine. The boys turned it and it hit the British warship and the ship sunk. Blackbeard asked the boys if they wanted a wish and he'd grant it. They first asked for The Book that was blue with gold stars and moons along the back edge, and twisty silver designs on it. The pirates had not seen a book. They then asked for some of Blackbeard's treasure and he took them to the island were he buried it. They dug and came across the chest. When they opened it they found no treasure but a small package wrapped in black cloth. Blackbeard thought of the three boys when they were in the coconut trees spying on him and his crew and thought they stole the treasure. When Sam picked up the package the edge came off the black cloth. It was The Book. The green swirls came and they were back in Joe's room. They had to go back one last time to get Sam but they returned.

In conclusion I liked this book. I do recommend this book if you like adventure books because these boys get them selves in a lot of trouble and go on an adventure.

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