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GLB 300 Gateway to Global business Assignment #1 Company and Industry Information Introduction: In this company report, I intend to discuss and show important facts on two fortune 500 companies. The specific companies I will be covering are leaders in the manufacturing of high quality footwear, apparel, equipment and accessory products. This report will take a surface look at the Economic, technological, and overall general environment that each company operates and ultimately competes. The purpose of the information provided is to show how each company is fairing in the market with which it is operating, and more specifically how each company is doing in competion the other.

The two companies compared in this report are "“ Nike and Reebok. The two are synonymous with athletic apparel and footwear. Nike and Reebok for all practical purposes operate in the same General business environment.

· Economic Environment: Each Company primarily relies on its retail sales and in doing so they must be aware of the economy, spending, and fashion tastes as they apply to consumer habits.

The stock rating of each company is said to be underrated mainly impart because of financial analyst who feel there sales primarily rely on fashion trends, in other words if one suddenly becomes "un-hip" were would revues go? (Fortune 500) · Technological Environment: Both Nike and Reebok face intense competion and rapid changes in technology and consumer preferences in the athletic footwear and apparel markets. Research and development efforts are a key factor in each of the companies' successes and in the FY-98 both spent over 70 million dollars on research and development. The two companies have to not only design the best shoes but also manufacture them the most efficiently possible (S&P).

· Socio-Cultural Environment: For the two companies discussed this might be the...