Ned Kelly, Hero or Villain? The main point which it is trying to make is that Ned Kelly was a hero.

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Ned Kelly, Hero or Villain?

Dan Kelly

G'day family and friends of the Kelly Gang,

Me name is Dan Kelly and as ya'll know I am 'the' Ned Kelly's younger bruver. Was born in 1861 where as Ned was born in 1855.

As some of ya'll fellas would already know, Ned Kelly, me bruver, a hero, was ambushed by the flamin' cops at our campsite. What's this you say? We stole?! Is it wrong to steal a piece of bread if your family will die if you don't? Exactly. And there is definitely no reason for the coppers to come and start shootin' at me and Ned. Is it wrong to kill if you are protecting your own life? That's all me and me bro were doin'. We didn't hunt police officers, we were the hunted, just protectin' ourselves, just like Robin Hood in the olden times.

Ned always has been a good big bruver to me.

He always stood up for me since I was a little kid, of course bruvers fight, but Ned and I have been best of mates.

I remember that in 1878, Ned and me fled into the bush after falsely being accused of attacking a policeman. He was an old dog called Officer Fitzgerald, he was always out to get me and Ned. In the bush we formed the "Kelly Gang". In this gang as most of ya'll would know was me, me bruver Ned, Joe Byre and Stever Hart. For sixteen months we all stayed clear of the police and committed robberies to survive. If we didn't steal any food, me and the rest of the Kelly Gang would be dead, just as the police wanted us at the time.

Then come where we are today, 1880. Earlier in the year Ned had...