The Nature Of The Immortal World

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The Nature of Evil in the Immortal World Evil is in human nature, whether one is mortal or immortal. Is this why vampires adore killing innocent people? Throughout Bram Stoker's Dracula and Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, wickedness is portrayed in various ways. Evil also exists in the form of betrayal and vengeance. Throughout the novels the reader gets a sense that love is used as a weapon against the individual that one loves.

Betrayal is a part of life whether it is in the mortal world or the immortal world. In Bram Stoker's Dracula and Anne Rice's Interview with the vampire it is in human nature that people turn on each other. The first encounter of betrayal in the novel Dracula is when Jonathan Harker a solicitor begins to work very closely with Count Dracula. Jonathan stayed at the Count's house in order to help him personally, but ended up betraying him and helped in his destruction, "we shall not rest until the Count's head and body have been separated, and we are sure he cannot reincarnate" (Stoker 341).

Louis and Claudia from the novel Interview with the Vampire perform the same evil mission, in the killing of their beloved friend and companion Lestat. Louis says to Lestat, "I'll burn you alive,' I said to him. I remember heaving the lamp at Lestat; it smashed at his feet and the flames rose at once from the carpet" (Rice 157). Claudia also played her part in this horrid display of betrayal by using the love that Louis felt towards her to influence him into killing Lestat, "I think I felt a tremor of delight when she said these words, let the flesh instruct the mind. "˜Put books aside and kill,' she was whispering to me" (Rice 121).

        To be trapped unwillingly...