National governments should devote more of their social programs and services to children than to adults.

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The human's society is consisted of all the people with different periods in their lives, children, adolescents, adults and the olds, which act as different roles for the development of the society even for the human beings. Thus in a nation, government should pay attention to the diversity of its citizens with different points of view, and try to make appreciate policies especially to keep balance among them including the adults and children.

Any adults were grown up from the children and adolescents, and absolutely know that the prospect of the nation is wholly determinated by these descendents. When we were young, as we can remember, adults always take the view of hope to us, and regard us as the rising sun in the morning in spite of the naivete and innocence of us at that time. Parents hold the wish for their children to take the excellent education, make virtuous friends, gain the promising job opportunities and so forth, not all of which are in the power of single parents but dependent on the government policies devote on the children growth process.

So there is no choice for national government to devote some social programs and services to children.

As is concerned, violent behavior among children and adolescents take the society lots of suffers, and the complex and troubling issues need to be carefully understood not only by parents, teachers, but the governments. Government would have to provide series of measures of proper programs and service for deducing such kinds of extreme behaviors. On the other hand, protection for the children's investment must be recognized by the public, since they are the powerless and vulnerable group taking the risk of violences or accidences in the society.

When we take more care to the young people, adults' intention and need...