Natalie Wood Biography Brief Biography of Life Includes most of the movies she satrred in

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Natalie Wood: The All American Actress

"I raised my daughter to be a movie star" those were the words of Maria Gurdin talking of her daughter. On July 20, 1938 a star was born in San Francisco. Natasha Nikolaevna Zacharenko (later changed to Natalie Wood for easier pronunciation) was born to Russian parents Maria and Nicholas Gurdin. Natalie was born a true star. By the age of four she had already snagged an ensemble role in a movie, Happy Land. Mrs. Gurdin saw her daughter as a star so she moved the family to Los Angeles in 1943 to try to get Natalie into acting. The change was obviously for the best because later on, at the age of nine Natalie stole a memorable role in The Miracle on 34th Street, an all time classic. Her childhood success was obvious, by the age of twelve she had been in over fourteen movies.

With her success booming as an actress, Natalie Wood was living every girl's dream. Her first big role, which made her a true and famous actress, was in 1955 with her role in Rebel Without A Cause, starring Natalie Wood and James Dean. At this time she was the envy of every teenager. Two years later in 1957 Natalie married the love of her life Robert Wagner on December 28. Her career was at a high. She was in true classics like West Side Story, Gypsy, and Splendor in the Grass. Natalie than hit a slump in her life, when she and Robert Wagner ended the marriage in June of 1962 due to stress in Natalie's career. Although upset about the "split" with Wagner, Natalie continued to star in timeless masterpieces like The Great Race and Love With A Proper Stranger. Natalie married Richard Gregson in May of...