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I would like to start this paper out by telling you a few of Napoleon Bonaparte's quotes: "The stupid speak of the past, the wise of the present, and fools of the future." Napoleon said many inspirational things, now by reading this, learn about his life.

        Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. Napoleon was baptized July 21, 1771. At the age of ten Napoleon was enrolled at Brienne military school. Feb 24, 1785 Napoleons father dies. At the age of fifteen Napoleon left Brienne military school, and ranked 42nd out of 58 graduates. August 23rd 1789 Napoleon swears his oath of loyalty to the nation the king and the law.

        In February of 1793 Napoleon leads an expedition to Sardinia. In June of that same year Napoleon and his family had to leave Corsica because he had a fight with a revolutionary leader named Pascale Paoli.

He was forced to move to Toulon. Sixth months later Toulon made him a Brigadier General and the head of a battalion. In august of the next year Napoleon was arrested but cleared of all charges a few days later.

        In the year 1795 Napoleon is promoted to General of the Army of the West and immediately went on leave, which means he takes a break, and soon goes broke. In October of the same year he plays a part in the suppression of the royalist insurrection against the convention, which was a peacekeeping act. Ten days later he meats a young woman named Josephine de Beauharnais. The very next day Napoleon is promoted to divisional General of the Army of the interior. March ninth 1796 Napoleon and Josephine are wed. March eleventh Napoleon leaves to become the head of the army of Italy. During 1796 Napoleon and his...