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Size and Strength in Mythology Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, by Edith Hamilton is a great book. She is known for her great love and understanding of classic literature.

This book with stories of Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology has explanations for many events that happen in everyday life. While reading, you meet many Gods and Goddess such as Zeus the king of all Gods and Hera his wife.

One tale is about a Greek prince (Odysseus), who was on his way back home after a great battle. While sailing he and his men grew hungry so when they spotted a cave they decided to stop. They thought they may find men to trade for food with, but they found the cave was full of lambs, cheese, and milk.

They ate while they waited for the master. Finally he came, they were very surprised to see he was a great Cyclops named Polyphemus. Angry that they invaded his home he ate some of the men and rolled a stone across the opening to prevent escape.

Odysseus thought all night to come up with a plan. That morning he gave the Cyclops cup after cup of wine until he fell asleep. Then he and his men took a piece of lumber which they found in the cave and bravely stuck it thought Polyphemus' one eye.

He was blinded. After a few minutes of trying to capture them he opened the cave door and sat across the exit waiting for them. Luckily they had a plan for this too, they hid under rams and when they went out to graze Polyphemus checked the top but not the bottom. They had made their escape! Another interesting tale is about Hercules, the strongest man on the earth. His parents are Zeus the king of the Gods and Alcmena. After Hera, Zeus' wife heard about Hercules she was determined to destroy him. When he was a child, she sent two snakes into his nursery, but...