My story of september 11th paper

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I close my eyes but can't forget...

I live the present but feel the past...

I have no words to give... only a memory...

I woke up at 7. I ran out the door for the bus. The leaves still were falling, the squirrels were still quarreling, and the sun still shining. It was a normal day, I thought, and it appeared to be that way for a while. Math was boring, I got in trouble in art, I had to run in P.E., and even forgot my homework for social studies. It was certainly the typical day for me.

Yet, just as the sun eventually falls, the day slowly went from bad to worse. It was 4th period. I was in social studies. The time was 11:04, 56 minutes before the lunch, and that's what I was thinking about. At 4 minutes into the period the teacher was not in the classroom.

At that time, 11:04, I became aware that something wasn't right.

"Did you hear?"

"We're being attacked!"

"We're going to die!"

"Someone bombed New York!" My peers were shrieking about terrible things. Things that were so absurd that God would never allow it! I didn't believe it. It was just a misunderstanding. The teacher would surely silence this foolishness.

The teacher walked in and the room was immediately silent. The look on Mr. Roberts face was not assuring. He opened his mouth but didn't talk as if he was searching for something to say,

"There are some things going on," he began, "that I think you are old enough to understand. Two planes crashed into the world trade center of New York. However, there is nothing that we need to be afraid of so we will carry on with our routine." He tried to comfort us but...