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*SPLASH* all wet. The first night of the retreat began. It was a mid-night water balloon fight, a childhood experience; something I could not and probably would not do as an adult. It was very exciting; we could get caught any moment. The war was against the boys. A Jr. high retreat tradition we began, and it all started when Stephen flicked rice on Jessica.

My friends and I got angry and discussed what to do with Stephen, and we decided to let him off this time. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"Who is it?" I yelled from the sofa, getting up to answer the door.

As I opened the door, I saw there was no one there. When my friend Amber yelled, " Its Jeff!" We all ran to see. Yeah it was. He was running and we had the perfect view from our kitchen window.

Sitting there waiting, I was filling water balloons, waiting for Jeff or someone to return for a second time.

When I saw him, I sprang up, jumped down from the sink, and alerted all my friends. We were looking from the eyehole on the door as he came up. We soaked him, and he was with dripping water from the corners of his clothes. He ran away yelling, " I'm gonna get you!" We slammed the door and went back inside, moving all the bed mattresses to the living room so we could sit and talk with blankets so we could stay warm. The room filled with laughter when someone said, "Did you see the look on his face?" or " He got it bad." Everyone was giggling and we chatted for about an hour and decided to go to sleep, because it seemed as though the boys weren't coming back.

I lay in bed for about an hour too excited to go to sleep, when *BANG* a wet paper towel hit our balcony window. I rolled out of the warmness of my bed and went to go see what was going on. It was the guys on the other side of the dormitory. Running into the rooms I awakened every one. Some people were already awake and others were snoring but I got them all out of bed.

" We got hit," I said.

*YAWN* " By who?" asked Jessica barely awake.

" Who else?" questioned Jessie in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Oh," Jessica replied.

200 water balloons and three sinks were available. We got into three groups and gave each a handful of water balloons. We filled an empty trashcan with water and began to fill up the balloons. Now that we were prepared, we stood there and waited for the guys to hit back at us. This was it we saw them getting out of their rooms. Rulan and Rulien, the twins, each threw one that didn't come close to reaching the other side. All of us gave it a shot and we missed. "Now that is a problem," said Joanna as she let out a sigh.

Leaning against the sliding door, I watched as they just kept hitting us with balloons. Then I saw a spray can. " What the heck is that?" I said as I pointed out the window. Every one came and looked out the window as they saw the spray can spraying the paper towels.

We all exchanged confused looks when Sherry said, " Maybe it's poison" " How in the world could they get poison?" asked Jessica.

" Never mind," said Sherry.

" Oh well," said Jessie," I'm tired I'm going to go tell them to stop." "I'll go with you," I said getting my jacket and following Jessie out of the door.

We walked out and halfway to the other side, we got hit by water balloons.

" Ergggggg," I yelled at the guys, " we only came out to tell you guys to stop." Not listening they ran back inside and we went back too. Furious I went to my room and changed into dry clothes. I told Jessie to go back to sleep if she was tired and she did. While she closed the door behind her, everyone else was still in the living room either sitting on the sofas or mattresses. I went and sat next to Rulan and Rulien, and said, " We need a plan." Every one sat there pondering about what we could do, when I was like, " A HAH." I told every one what I had thought up and they all helped adding in details of how we could get them.

" Only if we could get them from above," I said in an evil voice.

" Good idea," Jessica replied.

" But we have to prevent them from getting us back," said amber worried.

"Hmmmmmm," came a clever sound from Joanna. " We could get some one to hold open the elevator door for a quick escape." " But how do we get them to come out?" Asked Rulan.

Then it all came together in my head, The master plan. " Ooooooooohhhhhhh, I got it!" I yelled in an excited voice. " OK, some one go wake up Jessie because we'll need her for this." Jessie got up and asked, " What's going on?" Then I answered, Hold up and let me explain. " OK, now. Jessie you keep a look out at the balcony. If there's any parents coming, use the flash light and flash it once, if the guys come chasing us flash it twice. Now, Jessica, Amber, Sherry, Rulan, and Rulien, will come with me. Well go up above them one story and stand there waiting, but Jessica and Amber, stay in the elevator. Go down one story, and Jessica hold the button down to keep the elevator door open. Amber, go ring their door bell and run to the elevator.