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Chapter 4 school years 1-3 School years 1-3 were good years. I had the best classed and i just really was having a great time. In first grade i had Mrs tank as my teacher. It was a split class so we had the 2 graders with us to that was really diffrent and very hard because it was really confusing but it was overall a very fun class. Mrs tank sometimes could get very cranky but most of the time she was really nice. i went up to my great grandparents cottage in first grade. i loved spending time with my great grandpa and i really like to fish with him he knew all of the hot spot on pickeral lake and we always caught alot of fish. secound grade was also a really fun year. My teacher was mr benesh He was a very cool teacher. all i really remember was recess we had recess 2 times a day one was just a small recess we usally just whent on the swing sets or played 500 but the secound one was a full recess and we almost always played a ruff game of football.

we always would come inside hurt.sometimes we played kickball. third grade we did alot of the same stuff but i had 2 teachers that year first i had Mrs lawyer she was a nice teacher but when she got mad she was really meen and she would say bad words at us. Our real teacher was supposed to be Mrs pregler but she was diagnosed with cancer and she was gone half of the year. our fourth grade year we had a snack time. the best part of snack tim was we were able to play paper football and we also got to play a...