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It is the first day of the new year and I am on my way back to Mercyhurst where I go to school after a very short, but long Christmas break. I say it was short because I came home on the 15th of December and today is the first of January. I wish I would have had more time to spend time with Laura my girl friend that I love very much. But during that time the perverbeal shit had hit the fan so offten that it made it seem that my break would never end.

From the first day I got home to the time I left, the women in my life have been the very hard to live with. First off Laura, my girlfriend of a year on the 26th was in such a bad mood all of the time that she began to piss me off to no end.

She was in a bad mood because of all the stress that she was facing. She had so much work coming from four AP classes, one being Psyics that she had the worst time of all in. She also had three of four college applacations due the 10th of January. Along with the pressure of getting the applications done she also had the pressure of thinking that she was leaving for college sooner than she had thought or that she felt ready for. It became so bad that there were times that I did not to spend time with her. It was not like I didn't have compation for what she was going through I did. I went through the same thing a year earlyer and had had delt with depression at the same time. Fighting and not being in a good mood when we were together was just something new in our relationship and it took time to get used to like any normal change.

You see, before this we had never realy faught about anything or had gotten mad at each other so it came as a surprise to us, and it just helped to fule the fire. It made laura mad at herself that she was being mean to me witch then mad her more grumpy and then eventaly effected me. We realised what was going on and we worked one a way for us to stop going around in a cycle. That's one great thing about us is that we are able to work through anything that comes between us without one person ending up feeling that they lost. Compromise amonge others, is an important word in the vocabulary of our relationship. Honesty, Trust, Compation, and Respect, theses are the other things that we give and/or make posable for each other on a daily basis.

On top of that, Laura was not feeling well most of the time and it was making her mood even worse. This kept going on because she would not take care of her self. Not go to bed at a decent time or eat the right things.

It was not just Laura though my mom and my sister both know how to piss me off. They both have no respect for the fact that I am now an adult and I have another life with Laura.

There were times that I did have a great time when I was home. When I was home Laura and I wached movies, went to the mall and went to the Yagel's, a family friend of the Schabel's. Being as close as we are a little fighting did not get in our way. We spent a lot of time together until the day she left to go to Flordia topreform in the Citrus Bowl.

After Laura left I spent some time with Rob and Josh two guys that Laura introdused me to. We have become friends and I hope to become even better friends. We hung out and also wached movies. I am glad that she introdused me to them.

New years eve I worked for Sammy's the catering company that I had worked for a few years. I was down town at the court house from 5:00pm until 3:00am the next day. The net day I headed back to Mercyhurst to get ready for classes. The rest of my floor came the next day and we all caught up.