My Ideal Hideaway

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My Ideal Hideaway My ideal hideaway would be perfect for only me. It would be very difficult to get into for everyone, but my best friends and me. There would be things in there that comfort me. Only my best friends are allowed in this special place. It would be very secret.

        Getting into my hideaway would be pretty difficult. Only my best friends and I would know how. I would make a place for my horse to get in and out of this this place. That place would still be a secret. When someone who did not know how to get in tried to, they would get stuck in briar bushes.

        I would bring the most comforting things in here. I would bring a recliner, so I would have somewhere to sit. I would have a shelf full of horse books because when I read them I get relaxed. There would be very little in here.

I would also bring my radio because when I listen to it I get relaxed.

        I would not allow just anyone to come in. Only my best friends are allowed to come into my hideaway. My brother would not know where it was or how to get into my hideaway. My brother and brother-in-law are usually the reason why I would go there, to get away from them.

        To me, this would be a perfect hideaway. It would difficult be for anyone except my best friends or me to get to my special place. The things inside would be comforting and relaxing. Only my best friends would be allowed to come to my hideaway. It would also be totally secret.