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I. PERSONAL ESSAY         A couple months ago I took a test to give me an idea of the selections of careers I might want to look into. I have gotten my results and am going to descried them to you now. I was in the average end of the areas for only space relations and numerical reasoning. Most of my results were included in the above average range. I scored above average in verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, perceptual speed & accuracy test, and also the language usage score. I had only one score to be in the below average range which was spelling. This I know is not a strong point at all for me. I do not find any surprises. I probably could have told you that I would get to he highest level in abstract and mechanical reasoning before I took the test. I do not feel that there are any ways to escape spelling.

The one thing I can really do to bolster my skill is to read and read and read.

        My top three occupational groups that were chosen on the DAT tests were, Management, Sales, and Building Trades. The people in the management group establish goals, direct operations, and control activities within an organization. The sales group involves buying and selling products or services. Building trades is all around highly skilled work. I do not think that I perform any extra curricular activities that include manager, salesperson , or plumber, they are more along the lines of sports.

        My three occupationally groups included many different careers. The management group includes manager of a company, accountant, or banker. I could definitely see myself being in the management field. If I were to be involved in sales some of the jobs I would encounter would be salesperson, fund-raiser, or real estate agent. I do not know if I could be involved in some of...