Mummification And Religion

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In ancient Egypt mummifying was one of the most important parts of their religion. The thing about their culture was it almost always agreed with their religion. Culture is the attitudes, beliefs, and customs of a group of people.

How did the ancient Egyptians mummify? When an important person died, and the body needed to be mummified, they would first remove all of the inside organs except the heart which they believed, was the center of all intelligence. To do this they would have to cut a hole in the side of the body, then let all the liquid flow out. Then they would stuff the body with natron. After that, they take out the intestines. They would place each organ in a jar of it's own. They would remove the brain by using fish hooks and pull it out through the nose.

The next step in the mummifying is to put salt on the body and let it set for forty days.

The third step is to take the body and apply sweet smelling perfume.

        The fourth step is to have the god of the dead come and pray over the body.

        For the fifth step, they would put jewels and ornaments and important objects that belonged to the person on or around the body.

        The sixth thing they did was to wrap the body in fine linen.

        The seventh step was to place the body in the sarcophagus, and glue the sarcophagus shut.

        The eighth step was to place the body in a tomb.

        The reason the Egyptians did this was because they believed that their souls would live forever. They believed that the souls would then go to the under world which contained the gods.