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1.0 Introduction

Lidu Hotel was established in 1908, which is one of the oldest hotels in China known as one of the nation's ten best hotels. It has 6 hotel chains which are five star standards in large cities in south part of China, and its major operation in Shanghai. Lidu Hotel offers the most modern comfort in combination with excellent service. The experienced staff is dedicated to making customers stay a memorable one with classic "Lidu hospitality". Lidu Hotel is a distinctive hotel and well decorated, all of the guest rooms are comfortable and nicely equipped to give a feeling of being home while away from home, with a comprehensive range of personalized services especially designed to cater for customers' every need. Lidu has an extensive range of restaurants, offering Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and German cuisine; eight distinctive restaurants are excellent venues for guests. Although today China's hotel industry is developing increasingly, Lidu Hotel still holds its dominant status both in profitability and market share in south of China.

However, with the development of economies globalization, nowadays, one of Lidu Hotel the greatest challenges is the continual expansion of its organization so that it can compete more effectively in today's intensive global marketplace. Hence, in order to look for additional opportunities for its growth, Lidu Hotel intends to expand into Malaysia market. Herein I will help Lidu Hotel identify the global marketing potential for pushing itself into the global market.

2.0 Research Methodology

Secondary data is used for the marketing research herein from internet resources, text books, journal articles, and so on.

3.0 Culture Analysis

One of the most challenging issues of today's multinational marketing is culture. As Phatak stated (1997), the international business can face, or cause, many problems in a foreign host country because of cultural...