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Kaleena Nero-Alves Mr. Williamsen I. I received this article from Mr.Williamsen. "Why McDonald's fries taste so good" By Eric Schlosser II. I think the author wrote this article because he wanted to inform his readers of the many different ways science influences their life. The fact that McDonald's uses science to alter the taste and the healthiness I find quite disturbing. III. Some facts I learned: A) McDonald's is the largest buyer of potatoes in the U.S. B) Human beings acquired the sense of taste as a6 way to avoid being poisoned. IV. Some Questions I have about this article: A) Can there be a way to change the taste of vegetable so that children will want to eat them? B) What if they could make poisons that tasted like yummy food. V. Some Questions I have About the Information: A) Is there any other famous companies that use these false flavors other than the examples given? B) Are blind people considered vulnerable to the tests with discolored food and the flavoring added to the food? VI.

One major science concept discussed in this article was the behavior of humans during the ritual of eating and the adaptations that help the species survive. VII. This article has not affected my judgment on whether or not I will stop eating artificially flavored foods and drinks.