Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

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Politics and Movies (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) During the depression people needed to escape from the reality of their crisis, so they went to movies. These movies were about real life only with a twist, a happy ending. Movies such as Mr. Smith goes to Washington, touched people on a personal level because they were in the situation they were in thanks to their government. These movies only created the illusion that one person could go up against a political boss system and win. Most movies are supposed to create a feeling of being outside reality, because they are considered a form of escape for people.

It is shown early In the movie that the Governor can't even make decisions in his own home. He is treated like a child by his wife, and he is overrun by his children regarding his decisions. This is very apprarent in the scene where his children bombard him with questions regarding whom he should appoint as a Senator.

This shows that the political boss in his town, Jim Taylor, been controlled for so long that he can't so much as make his own decisions. Then there is Senior Senator Joseph Payne, He had at one time believed in justice and try's to save Mr. Smith from finding out the truth about his personal deeds and the real legal system, but he does not succeed.

Mr. Taylor (The Big Boss) who has set it in his mind that Mr. Smith will be of no problem to their plans for a dam, and that he is a naive person and will not understand the true political ways. He also believed that eventually Mr. Smith would play ball, because, after all, he controlled every thing in their home state right up to...